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Running problems any help out there?

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Weg Dave Watts
Derby, UK   GBR
Hello folks, I have just got my first Trabi, but it cuts out after about a mile of driving,I have changed the carb, still the same problem. I stripped and cleaned the original carb then added a few new jets and new gasket,refitted it and guess what, still the same problem! Although I kept it running for quite a while by reving the engine quite high and "blipping" the throttle, but when it did cut out it I had to choke it to get it to start again, it's driving me mad!
Any help would be greatly recived.

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SGT Strev strevan ranson
Hassocks, UK   GBR
you could try checking the filter bowl/fuel cock assembly that is contained in the bottom of the fuel tank , i have found that these can get blocked up quite quickly

i will try and get some photos up for you

best of luck happy trabing spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Weg Dave Watts
Derby, UK   GBR
Thanks for that, I checked it last night, all good, After changing one of the coils, cleaning the carb (again!) and changing the plugs plus filling the tank to the top, I found it was a wire snapped off the stator plate (if this is the right name for it) the part where the points would have been on an older model.
I took it for a short run up and down my 1/2 mile drive way and it was fine, so I headed for the open road. Only for another wire to snap off!! Got a tow back and have resoldered the wires on, now it seems to be an air lock in the fuel line, As these have been messed about with quite alot it's hard for me to see how they should be, a photo of this would be a great help, or a link to one,
Ta Dave.smileys with beer

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simo Peter Simsik
Martin, Zilinsky kraj, Slovak Republic   SVK
How about chcecking original restore parts catalog for Trabant?

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